Reseller Registration

Why Register with Leasetech?

As a Vendor or Reseller of business equipment or office technology you need leasing options that work for you and are good for your customer. Leasetech understands your needs and offers leasing that is simple and effective. The features of Leasetech’s Reseller program include;

  • Your Invoices paid FAST.
  • Simple process and documentation.
  • Lease Calculator for easy quoting.
  • Easy paperwork for quick processing
  • Flexible lease options.
  • Updates on the status of your transactions.
  • Bigger sales with a better margin.
  • Repeat business.

All you need to do is to complete the on-line Reseller Registration now and we will send details of what you may need. You can then start quoting Leasetech monthly payment options on all your quotes and enjoy the benefits of Leasetech – with leasing made simple.

 Lease Payment Calculator

Capital Equipment Lease Calculator.

Use the Calculator to determine the indicative monthly payment for a specified equipment cost or, find out the total value of equipment you can get for selected monthly payment. Note, a $30 fee for PPSR & AML verification applies to first payment.