Get the Automotive Equipment You Need

You can get the latest automotive equipment your business needs to be more competitive and productive.  Leasetech’s lease-to-own option can be written over terms to suit and ensure that the payments fit with for your business’ needs.

Why lease?

When you buy expensive business equipment you take a big chunk out of your working capital. The equipment you want to buy may needed but it can only give you a return over time. So, you may be better off keeping  the working capital for things you know will give you a quick return.   Prepaying for the use of your equipment is a bit like prepaying wages, and no-one does that.  With Leasetech’s Lease2Own, you can get the equipment you want, now. They will help to lift productivity and revenue and your lease payments come out of the monthly revenue generated. Better still, the payments are tax deductible and that makes the Leas2own a great alternative to cash purchase.

Leasing your automotive business equipment conserves your capital, smooths your cash flow and the equipment pays for itself as in generates revenue for you.  Lease2Own is the recommended option for any equipment that has a long economic life.  LeaseOne may be considered if you require high tech equipment that becomes obsolete within few years.  Most types of business equipment can be leased and any business can apply.- Registered Company, Partnership or Sole Trader.  While credit criteria varies depending on the size of the lease, we do look for a good credit record and an established trading history.

Leases are available for amounts of $1,000 or more with no deposit. The lease can include installation & set up, extended warranty and insurance.  If you would like to discuss a lease for a specific piece of equipment or or have questions about the eligibility of your business just call 0800 PLEASE (753273). 

 Lease Payment Calculator

Capital Equipment Lease Calculator.

Use the Calculator to determine the indicative monthly payment for a specified equipment cost for your preferred term and lease type. Note, Generally no deposit is required and there are no booking fees however, a $30 fee for PPSR & AML verification is applied to the first month’s payment.