About Us

The Company.

Leasetech started operations in 2004 as a privately owned and operated New Zealand company providing simple equipment leasing for Kiwi business.  The company quickly gained acceptance from vendors and customers wanting good service, value and a simple process.  The company’s primary focus was on providing leasing for technology to the small to medium business market. Over time this expanded to cover most types of business and commercial equipment as used in New Zealand business, be they small, medium, large corporate or government.

Leasetech is “LEASING MADE SIMPLE.”  So, we have simplified the process and systems to deliver a quality leasing experience to vendors and business customers.  In July 2017 Leasetech became a division of FE Investments Limited to become part of WSG.AX, the ASX listed company.  FE Investments Limited (FEI), is a non-bank deposit taker operating under the relevant regulations issued by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.   As part of FEI, Leasetech enjoys the benefit of secure funding lines and the ability to expand into new markets with creative and flexible lease products.

Leasetech’s appeal is reflected in the growing number of vendors and customers choosing the simple, customer orientated leasing it offers.  On this web site we aim to provide you with useful information about leasing and how it can work best for your business. It is all here for you to see: T&Cs are written in plain English and require neither lawyer nor magnifying glass.  The Lease Calculator can be used to work out the indicative monthly payment for the equipment you want. And, you can apply on line right now.

Our approach to business is simple. Leasing that adds value. People you can trust. Processes that are straight-forward. All there for you in black and white.

 Lease Payment Calculator

Equipment Lease Calculator.

Use the Calculator to determine the indicative monthly payment for a specified equipment cost or, find out the total value of equipment you can get for selected monthly payment. Note, a $30 fee for PPSR & AML verification is applied to the first payment.