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If you are in business and need new equipment, leasing is available here for you, and it is simple.  Leasetech is ideal for most types of business equipment, from office technology to software and expensive capital equipment and machinery.

You don’t have to be a big business to enjoy the benefits of leasing. You can get the equipment you need with a business friendly lease. It lets you enjoy smoother cash flow, tax effective payments and flexible terms to suit your needs. Leasetech is ideal for any business, small, medium or large and gives you the choice of equipment supplier. And, if you are wanting to shop online you can get your lease pre-approved and then finalise the equipment.

 Lease Payment Calculator

Lease Payment Calculator.

Use the Calculator to determine the indicative monthly payment ex GST for a specified GST exclusive equipment cost.

Note, a $30 fee is charged for PPSR & AML verification and is applied to the first month’s payment.